Help Us Keep an Ambulance In Grand Marais!


It does not get any easier than this, folks! A majority of your training from the comfort of your own home!

Pickford EMS Education will be starting an EMT-B course on Oct 19, 2021 and ending February 22, 2022. This course will be conducted remotely through Moodle two nights a week, and in person every other Saturday by going to either of the practical sites (Pickford or Drummond). The course directors are working to set up a third site in Newberry.

The course takes 192 hours plus 36 hours of clinicals (24 EMS Agency and 12 Hospital). Course schedule is available now.

Burt Township will pay for the class expenses for anyone willing to serve at least one year on our ambulance corps. Contact Lori McShane at the Township Office for details, 494-2381. Corps members are paid $1.50 per hour when on call, and an additional flat payment per ambulance run. It can add up.

If you know anyone interested in taking this course please share this information and have them email the course director, with their contact info. Attendees from Grand Marais will be working with the Alger County EMS Agency.

Pre-Course meeting September 21: There will be a Pre course meeting Sept 21st at Pickford Fire & EMS at 6pm to review the syllabus and discuss course requirements in further depth in person such as attendance requirements, minimum vaccinations for clinical sites, clinical sites, graduation requirements and personal liability insurance.  By attending this pre-course and wanting to complete the course, you will have competed the application.

Click here to view the course syllabus

Click here to download the Student Contract

Frequently Misunderstood Facts About the Burt Township Ambulance Corps:

Aren’t you guys on call for the whole month? No. We set our schedule every week and take the shifts that we have available. Our shifts normally run 6a-6p and 6p-6a. The schedule changes weekly. Our goal is to fill the slots so we can always have an ambulance ready to respond. The alternative is waiting an hour for an ambulance to come from Munising.

I would be nervous about treating people.  We do very little treatment. Our purpose is to package and transport, and we stabilize the patient and get them to the hospital as quickly as possible.  Our ambulance corps works as a team; you do not work alone. We have two paramedics on our corps who can give medications, and if they are not available we call for a paramedic to meet us enroute.

We may not be able to do everything, but doing nothing is far worse. Without our Corps, the nearest ambulance is an hour away.

What if I need help with the class?  We are here to help you! Our corps members can assist you with classwork and provide practice for the practical skills. We’re a team, and we want you to join us!

Questions? Contact us!