Then ... and Now

Take a look at Grand Marais past... and Grand Marais present!  We'll be updating this page from time to time with old photos of Grand Marais and how it looks at present from approximately the same vantage point.

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Another Great Pickle Barrel Photo!

A big thank you to Donna and Henry Petitpren, who sent in this photo of The Pickle Barrel House when it was still a cabin in the woods.  Donna notes: " This is when it was in the woods by Sable Lake. My husband says that the men in front must be tourists.  Does not think it is Donahey."  Anyone else have some information on this picture?  Email us and we'll post your ideas here.  This photo pre-dates the one below, where the Pickle Barrel has been moved into town. 

The Pickle Barrel House, 1940s
Here's a fun one.  This Pickle Barrel House was once owned by William Donahey and his wife, Mary.  Mr. Donahey was the creator of the "Teenie-Weenies" comic strip which was popular in the early part of the 20th century.  At one time, this unusual structure was located in the woods outside Grand Marais and functioned as a summer cottage for the Donaheys.  The small addition at the back was the kitchen, and the main "barrel" had two stories.  It was eventually moved into Grand Marais and placed on the corner of the main street and H-58.  Over the years it has served as an information kiosk and a gift shop.  It is now in disrepair.  The Green Space Committee plans to renovate the Pickle Barrel if enough money is raised to purchase the lot it sits on.  This photo was dated "1940s" - can anyone confirm it?

If you have any information or stories about the Pickle Barrel, email us and we'll post them here and in our Mailbag column!  In the meantime, take a look at the Pickle Barrel today:

Pickle Barrel House Today


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